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Our History

jim-dottie-wileyAt the young age of 25 Jim Wiley, and his 8 years of experience, had earned quite a reputation in the north state as a hard worker with great business sense in meat cutting and merchandising.

In 1962 he was presented with an opportunity to lease his own meat shop in the small town of Hayfork California with full support from his previous boss and owner of a successful chain of Famers Market grocery stores throughout Northern California.

After driving up the winding road to Hayfork from their home in Red Bluff, Jim and his wife Dottie were a little shocked at the small size of the town. They stopped in what is commonly known as the old Food Cellar, which at that time was called Schoffner’s Market, and they were busy! Surprised to see that the small town sustained such a large number of summer logging residents as well as the young families, they had plenty opportunity to speak with the locals. They learned that some of their friends from high school moved their families there to enjoy the small community lifestyle, which is exactly what Jim and Dottie fell in love with. While looking around the store and talking with more locals, the Wileys felt a strong sense of community that they desired to raise their family in as well.

After deciding to make the leap to leasing their own meat market, the Wiley’s moved their young family to Hayfork May 1st 1962. In the years following Jim continued building a successful market with his skill, knowledge, and hard work. 

In 1964, following the move into the stores current location, another high school friend and fellow employee of Farmers Market, Bill Becker, came into partnership with Jim. At that point Jim and Bill became the owners and changed the name to B&W Market. For the Following ten years Jim and Bill grew into their large new building, working with honesty and integrity towards their employees and customers.

In 1975 Bill Becker decided to move his family back to Redding at which point Jim took over the store and became the sole owner. Since 1975 the store name has remained Wiley's Supermarket.

Through the late 70’s and 80’s Jim and Dottie’s teenage sons Kenny and Rick dedicated themselves to the family business.  The boys began learning all aspects of the grocery industry from the ground up just as their father had.  Working for their father was tough work, but with their young energy combined with the knowledge passed to them, they were able to take the store and grow into the next generation.  Jim retired from the business in 1999 and moved to Redding while Kenny and Rick pushed the store to new levels yet still providing the same fundamental service to Hayfork of Quality Products at Honest Prices with Exceptional Customer Service!


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